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Dental Fillings in Robinson Township, PA

Are you experiencing severe pain in just one or two teeth? If so, you may need dental fillings in Robinson Township, PA. At the office of C. Timothy Lipp D.M.D., we specialize in regular dental exams and preventive care as well as reparative care like tooth fillings, dentures, and dental implants. By scheduling annual teeth cleanings and seeing our fillings dentist as soon as you develop tooth decay, you’re able to keep your smile looking and functioning great for many long years. 

Turn to a dental clinic in business for more than 28 years for your regular teeth cleanings and any preventive or reparative care necessary. With regular appointments and care from our team, your oral health will be great for many years.

Patient and Dentist in Robinson Township, PA

Tooth Fillings Help Prevent Pain Caused by Tooth Decay

The main reason to get tooth fillings is to cure the sharp, persistent pain caused by tooth decay and cavities. If you experience sudden pain when chewing, eating or drinking cold things, or when brushing your teeth, you may be in need of a filling. The process of getting a tooth filled is straightforward and, with modern numbing agents and enhanced equipment, virtually painless. The process can be done in our office and the numbness generally recedes after a few hours. 

See Our Fillings Dentist to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Another important reason to get cavities filled by our fillings dentist is to keep the rest of your teeth healthy. Untreated tooth decay can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, gingivitis, and even infections and abscesses that can cause significant health issues. One of the most concerning issues for many people is the tooth loss that results from untreated cavities. In addition to aesthetic concerns, missing teeth can result in shifting teeth and more susceptibility to future cavities.

Prompt Cavity Fillings Prevent Further Decay and Damage

When a tooth has decay, especially on the sides of the tooth, it can encourage decay in neighboring teeth. Getting cavity fillings as soon as possible helps protect the surrounding teeth from cavities that can cause pain, receding gums, and other issues. To avoid getting cavities in the first place, it’s important to follow your daily dental health regimen including brushing your teeth, flossing, and avoiding sugary or acidic foods and drinks.

Contact us to schedule dental fillings with our skilled team. We serve the communities of Robinson Township, Pittsburgh, Oakdale, McKees Rocks, and Moon Township, Pennsylvania.

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